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Efficient, Effective Identity and Professional Certification Management

Emergency Personnel Information Center (EPIC) is a trusted community that delivers more efficient training record management, and more effective access control at natural disasters and other critical incident scenes. EPIC provides a secure, easy-to-use Web-based platform that allows law enforcement, fire/rescue, emergency medical teams, associated support contractors and essential personnel to improve identity and certification tracking within their organizations, and allow real-time verification of critical data for improved incident management.

EPIC enables local departments and private organizations to:

  • Easily maintain member training records and professional certifications
  • Automatically alert members and training officers of expiring certifications
  • Conveniently print, issue, and manage organization ID cards

EPIC enables scene commanders to:

  • Optimally deploy responders based on verifiable skills
  • Authenticate mutual-aid responders and their qualifications prior to granting access to hazardous or secure environments
  • Better control and audit access to incident scenes

The EPIC Solution

Powered by Real-Time Verification™ technology, EPIC is a secure, managed solution that supports permission-based collaboration and need-to-know information sharing among local departments, county coordinators, regional response teams, and all the private organizations that support disaster response. Automated system notices, and point-and-click administrative functions deliver an immediate return on investment for each participating organization. Secure, Web-based sharing of this critical information facilitates the most efficient use of resources, reduces risk, and improves public and responder safety and security.